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Successful Ending of the 5th IFIE
Date:2018-05-21 17:29:46  Publisher:英文版  page view:14

The 5th IFIE successfully ended in the morning of May 18th. Revolving around the theme of “Developing Universities Rooted into Chinese Land—New Accomplishments of Integration of Industry and Education in the New Era,” 36 experts made special reports and completed 7 dialogue meetings, and 22 enterprises and organizations shared their creative cases. Over 300,000 viewers watched the live online. Director of National Center for Schooling Development Program (The Ministry of Education) Chen Feng made a final report. Researcher of Development Planning Office of Education Department of Henan Province Hu Wanxin, Vice mayor of the People’s Government of Zhumadian City He Zhenhua, Secretary of the Party Committee of Huanghuai University Yang Dedong, Dean of Huanghuai University Tan Zhen, and Minister of CVEA Liu Zhifang attended the closing ceremony. Chair of AUAS Meng Qingguo hosted the closing ceremony.


“Developing Universities Rooted into Chinese Land” is a specific request made by President Xi for the development of higher education. Chen Feng pointed out in his report that developing universities rooted into Chinese land is the law of development of education, especially works for higher education and vocational education. It is the request of era as well as the confidence of education.


Chen Feng emphasized that developing universities rooted into Chinese land needs to focus on politics, cultures, developments, and people. Root of politics means to hold onto Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, the guidance from CCP, and the common ideal. Root of Cultures means to strengthen the education of socialist core values, outstanding Chinese traditional culture and the best products of human civilization. Root of development means to continue with the development of modern economy and innovation, together with the progress of urban areas and revitalizations of rural areas. Root of people means to serve people and build people’s ideal universities. To applied universities, they need to enhance the employment quality of learners, cultivates talents for urban and rural areas, and complete research papers in factory, farmland, and community. They need to closely tie to city and industry, create innovative ecosystem, gather social resources, cooperate with community, build collaborative mechanism among large enterprises, universities and newly-start enterprises, and therefore form a new system of Internet plus expansion of information and talents.


Cheng Feng also emphasized the universities need to keep reforming, cultivating innovative talents, and developing technologies so as to meet various challenges. Integration of industry and education needs to rebuild chains of industry, innovation, talents and education and create an innovative engine. Universities and enterprises need to work together to become a combination of culture, knowledge, technology and skills. With breakthroughs on artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, virtual reality etc., higher education has to focus on the big targets of 2035, 2050 to paint a great blueprint for future.


In addition, Chen Feng commented on the necessity of building intelligent learning workshop, which is structured as “one core and three axis”. The core is innovation, and the three axis would be carried out through grouping of major subjects, development planning of new schools, enterprise bases and comprehensive experimental areas.


Finally, Chen Feng stressed the importance of cooperation between enterprises and universities. The applied universities are expected to become platforms where the scientific research service and innovative experiments can be provided.


The forum had one home forum, seven sub-forums, and one round-table meeting. Chen Changzhi and Sun Yao made important speeches. 20 government organizations from 13 countries, 245 universities, 120 enterprises, 22 academic institutions, leaders and representatives of 24 social organizations (780 people in total) attended the forum.


Meanwhile, the forum also hosted the accomplishments exhibition of integration of industry and education, started the programs of college of rural revitalization and entrepreneurs, and opened intelligent learning workshop. After the forum ended, the participants visited Huanghuai University and some enterprises of Zhumadian city.


(News Center of the Forum)