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Campus Life

Located in a garden city of Henan province, Zhumadian, Huanghuai University is really an amazing place. Here a wide range of cultural, athletic and social activities are offered to students and teachers. You can get acquainted with people who share the same interests and hobbies as you and create your own HU experiences.


1.    HU Arts

    The School of Art and Design offer academic courses and certificates for undergraduate students. Visual Communication Design, Environmental Design, Fine Art, Art Design - These majors are all included in this school.

2.     Works Show:

Wood Engraving Pictures Exhibition



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2017 Excellent Graduation Works Exhibition


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Excellent Works Show—Creative Thinking Module




2. Concert Hall

    There is one concert hall in HU, which is located in School of Music. Many large events are held here. 


3.School of Art and Design (链接艺设学院的网站)

4.School of Music (链接音乐学院的网站)


Currently Huanghuai University has a large stadium, one indoor and two outdoor sports centers, which are equipped with many complete sets of advanced facilities to meet the needs for physical education, extra-curricular physical training, sports team training and large-scale sports events. Except for the moment of physical teaching and training period, everyone is welcomed to the center to enjoy the shared resources for exercising.






2. School of Sports (链接体育学院的网站)

三、 Club and Society

    A wide range of recognized student organizations make it easy for HU students to meet people who share your interests and explore something new. Here are some quality student organizations.

The Red Cross Society

The Red Cross Society, in accordance with the principle of "humanity, justice, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, and unified, universal", is to carry out public welfare activities. After years of development, the Red Cross Society has a certain influence on he school. In future, we are confident in completing the activities, so that students have a better understanding of the Red Cross, and everyone can actively participate in public welfare activities. We hold many public activities, such as "International Volunteer Day, unpaid blood donation", "bandage first aid knowledge training", "prevention of AIDS theme film" and so on.

ACG animation Alliance

The club named "ACG animation alliance" (A-animation animation C-comic animation, G-game animation game), is led by the Academy of international community college, sponsors and students in animation enthusiasts. ACG animation alliance is spontaneously organized by a group of positive students. Under the leadership of the Youth League Committee, they advise, help each other and work together to organize the work and activities of the Association.


Skateboarding Association

Skateboard project can be described as the originator of extreme sports, full of charm which is not only shown in extreme challenges, but also in that fall and then stand up figures. It is a very meaningful movement, which teaches us to be brave and optimistic. Now, more and more students have discovered the charm of this sport and joined us.Are you brave enough to challenge yourself and enjoy the joy of  flying?

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Photography Association


Photography Association, the only dream partner with Mr. Li Lianjie One Foundation in Huanghuai University, was established in 2002. (This foundation was established ) Over the past 15 years, as the backbone, we have been sticking to our initial dream, training a large number of photographers. As long as you dare to come, we dare to make you the most dazzling photography star of Huanghuai University.

For more information please click on the following website: 链接团委网站