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Application Procedures and Requirements

Application Procedures and Requirements

Application Procedures

1.       Applicants can download the Application Form for Overseas Students to Study at HuanghuaiUniversity on this page.

2.       Applicants can mail or hand in the original application form, degree certificates and transcripts, and other supporting documents to International Office of Huanghuai University.

3.       HU will inform the applicant of the admission result either by phone or e-mail after a thourough review of the application and supporting materials has been completed. Results may be Admission without further interview or exams; a requirement of an additional Interview or a requirement of an additional interview and exams.


Application Requirements

1.           Aged 18 or above; Healthy; Legal foreign passport

2.           Supporting documents:

l  Application Form for studying at Huanghuai University

l  Graduation certificate of high school or above

l  Transcript

l  Personal statement

l  Reference Letter

l  Passport Scan

l  Non-criminal record

l  Physical Examination Record




Contact Information

Room 306, Admin Building, International Office of Huanghuai University
No.6 Kaiyuan Road, Zhumadian, Henan 463000 China
Tel: 86-396-2879226,  Fax:86-396-2853780

E-mail: cyndee.lee@huanghuai.edu.cn

Application Forms:

 Application Form for Study at Huanghuai University.pdf

 Phycial Examination Record for Foreigner.pdf