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School of Culture and Media

l  Chinese language and Literature

l  Science of Television Broadcasting

l  Art of Broadcasting and Hosting

l  Radio and Television Production

School of Architecture and Civil Engineering

l  Civil Engineering

l  Engineering Management

l  Rural and Urban Planning

l  Architectural Engineering Technology

School of Art and Design

l  Visual Communication Design

l  Environmental Design

l  Fine Art

l  Art Design

School of Information Engineering 

l  Computer Science and Technology

l  Electronic and Information Engineering

l  Communication Engineering

l  Network Engineering

School of International  Education

l  Software Engineering

l  Accounting

School of Animation 

l  Animation Design and Production


School of Economic  


l  International Economic and Trade

l  E-Commerce

l  Tourism Management

l  Finance Engineering

School of Music

l  Science of Music

l  Music Performance

School of Foreign 


l  English

l  Business English

l  Translation

School of Mechanical and Energy Engineering

l  Electronic Science and Technology

l  Automobile Service Engineering

l  New Energy Science and Engineering

School of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Engineering

l  Applied Chemistry

l  Chemical Engineering and Process

l  Pharmaceutical Engineering

School of Biology and Food Engineering

l  Food Engineering

l  Gardening

l  Biology Engineering

School of Sports

l  Physical Education

l  Social Sports Instruction and Management

School of Marxism

l  Public Service Administration

l  Labor and Social Security

l  Politics and Morality Education

School of Mathematics and Statistics

l  Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

l  Information and Computing Sciences

l  Statistics

School of Nursing

l  Nursing