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Introduction of HHU

Introduction of HHU

Huanghuai University(HU) is a full-time comprehensive general university established with the approval of the Ministry of Education and sponsored by the People’s Government of Henan Province. The university is a pilot institution for Strategic Research on Universities of Applied Sciences initiated by the Ministry of Education (by the deputy chairman organization for China Association of Universities of Applied Sciences), and is one of the first “Demonstrative Undergraduate Institutions of Applied Sciences” in Henan Province.

Located in Zhumadian City, and lying on the Beijing-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway, Beijing-HongKong-Macau Expressway and Shanghai-Xi’an Expressway, the university covers an area of 2,460 mu, with a floor area of 578,000 square meters. With more than 21,000 full-time students for general higher education on campus, the university has 15 teaching schools and departments, covering 46 undergraduate specialty areas.

The number of staff working in the university is more than 1,200. Among them there are 346 professors and associate professors, 739 doctoral and master degree holders, 112 top-notch professional and technical elites (including the winners of state-level special government grants), outstanding experts under the provincial administration, and provincial-level leading teachers, in addition to more than 300 part-time professors recruited by the university from prominent universities both at home and abroad, scientific research institutions and the front-line of industrial enterprises, organized into a teaching team with qualifications of dual professional degrees. Taking full advantage of existing disciplines and talents, the university focuses on high-level research projects in order to develop its predominant research fields and directions, and to cultivate research platforms and innovative teams with focused effort. In recent years 28 provincial and municipal level research platforms and collaborative innovation centers have been established.

The university’s publication, the Journal of Tianzhong, has been rated as one of the “Top 100 National Social Science Journals of Universities”, “Top 100 National Social Science Journals”, and “Core Journals of China Academic Journals of Humanities”. The university adheres to a motto of “profound virtues, extensive learning, relentless practice and self-enhancement”; firmly establishes an educational philosophy of “cultivating foremost talent, building university on quality, integrating disciplines and specialty success” and an applied talent cultivation orientation of “well-competent for employment, highly-skilled in entrepreneurship, fully-grounded for further education and strongly-motivated for self-development”. 

Huanghuai University vigorously implements the five development strategies, namely, “university building on quality, strengthening on talents, specialty areas clustering, project-driven, and open cooperation”; established the “Huanghuai University Cooperation Development Alliance”, initiating in-depth cooperation with 191 domestic and foreign industries, enterprises, colleges and research institutions of large- and medium-scale, for the purpose of “cooperation, development, and mutual benefit”; developed cooperative relations with 13 prominent universities from countries like the U.K., India, U.S.A, Australia, etc., and 4 universities from the Taiwan region through the program of “an open university running by bringing in high-quality educational resources, and equal cooperation with world renowned universities through international partnerships”.

Through the deepening integration of production with teaching and school-enterprise cooperation, the university has been continuously carrying out reforms in education and teaching. The comprehensive strength of the school has been significantly enhanced through the reinforcement in soft- and hard-ware constructions and the acceleration of strategic transformations. The university is gaining a sound momentum given its highlighted school characteristics, significantly improved qualities in talent cultivation in its practical catching-up and scientific development. Honorary titles successively awarded to the university include “Best University for Serving the Central Plains Economic Zone Construction”, “Fastest Growing Institutions in Henan Province”, “ Social Satisfactory Institution for Higher Education Quality in Henan Province”, and “20 Recommendation-Worthy Educational Name Cards in Henan Province”, etc.