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HU located in the garden city of Zhumadian in China's central Henan province, the birthplace of Chinese culture.

Zhumadian is located in the heart of Henan Province, the city got the name because of the emperor station in history. Zhumadian was established as a special area in 1965. In August 2000, it became a city, with jurisdiction over 9 counties and 1 district, 191 townships (offices), covering an area of 15000 square kilometers and having a population of 8.91 million. Zhumadian is located in the fringe of south-north and east-west of China, as a crossing point for the four directions, known as "Yuzhou’s hinterland, the world's center".

Zhumadian is Henan's most populous city, agricultural city and emerging industrial city. Its annual grain output reaches 6.5 million tons, accounting for 1/8 of Henan province total, and the wheat accounts for 1/7 of the province total; its oil production reaches 820000 tons, ranking the first in the province, becoming an important grain production base in Henan province and nationwide; its slaughter pigs, cattle, sheep respectively rank in the first, second and fourth; Pingyu, Zhengyang and Biyang are respectively the first counties in sesame, peanuts, mushrooms production in China. Its industry started from scratch, from small to large, and gradually formed six pillar industries of food processing, energy and coal chemical industry, pharmaceutical, equipment manufacturing, textile and building materials, fostering a number of key enterprises such as Lantian Group, Topfond pharmaceutical, Haohuajunhua, Baiyun paper, Cimc Huajun, Thirteen fragrant and so on, forming distinctive industrial advantages. Zhumadian is rich in mineral resources, with more than 30 preliminary proven minerals, coal, iron, oil and some large and of good quality non-metallic mineral resources reserves. Among them, chemical limestone, glass sand and fluorite reserves respectively ranks in the first, second and fourth in the province. Its rutile reserve is more than 50 million tons, ranking the first in the country.

Zhumadian has a good environment, with a river crossing two river basins Huaihe and Yangtze. There are 174 large and medium-sized reservoirs, 320000 acres of water surface and total water resources of 6.3 billion cubic meters.

Zhumadian has a splendid culture with a long history. In Spring and Autumn and the Warring States period, there were countries of Cai, Dao, Fang, Bo, Jiang and Shen, and the first name Cai, Chen, Jiang, Fang are originated here. It is the birthplace of

Pangucreator of the universe in  Chinese mythology, the Butterfly Lovers culture , the double ninth festival culture, Carriages culture, Xi Ling-Shi culture, iron- smelting and sword- casting culture and Nuwa culture. It is known as Chinese legend, home of a large number of historical celebrities such as Prime Minister Li Si in Qin Dynasty and the famous Anti Japanese national hero Yang Jingyu.

Zhumadian has amazing mountains and rivers, with exquisite scenery. It is the birthplace of "Journey to the west" legend, National Geological Park Chayashan in the north, national forest park, "Central Plains of Lijiang" thin mountain lake in the south, Tongshan mountain with Buddhism and Taoism in the west, provincial Wetland Nature Reserve, Asia's largest fish and poultry plain artificial reservoir Suya Lake and the state 4A class tourist area, Asia's largest Buddhist temple South Temple in the east. The city is very suitable for living and investment.

Zhumadian’s urbanization progresses rapidly. Since the year 2000 when it was established as a city, after ten years of development, its urban population has grown from about 200,000 to 650,000, with built-up area of 70 square kilometers. The urbanization rate has reached 34.9%, and it still increases by the annual rate of 2%. By the means of industry, housing and education, we continuly develop its infrastructure, and initially form modern urban system. In recent years, the city has been awarded a titile of the national double support model city, Chinese excellent tourism city, National Garden City, the provincial healthy city, provincial civilized city, "China top ten tourist destination with the greatest investment potential", and "financial service city with the greatest investment competitiveness"; In Chinese City rankings for business environment credit index, our city ranks the 7th in the whole country, and the second in Henan province. 



High Speed Train G-station is 5 minutes by car from HU. And ZhuMaDian is on the main Beijing-Hongkong-Macao high speed line with many G or D trains every day.One hour by High Speed Train to Zhengzhou,capital of Henan Province or Wuhan, 4 hours to Beijing,capital of China.·     

Airline: There are two nearby airports.

Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport (CGO) is a 2 hour drive north of ZhuMaDian.Wuhan Tianhe International Airport(WUH) is a 2 ½ hour drive south of ZhuMaDian